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djkalil53, what are the settings? There's no picture or description of them

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On Thursday, January 4, 2018 at 2:19:15 AM UTC-7, wrote:
Size matters於 2007年12月6日星期四 UTC+8下午1時14分00秒寫道:
I have pasted an Excel Worksheet Object into my Word document. I need to use
the Excel functions (filtering) on this object so it must be editable (either
within the Word doc or in separate Excel doc).
It works correctly however it resizes (expands) itself within Word when
edited or opened. Sometimes it returns to the correct size after a few
seconds but other times it does not and I can only fix it by using undo..

Do you know why it does this or what I can do to stop it from expanding?

I suffered from the same problem for a long long time, and one day, I found a way to prevent this program happening:

1. Start MS-Word,
2. go to Settings, go to Advanced Settings, write down these settings on a paper (or take screen snapshots);
3. Uncheck all these settings;
4. Re-start MS-Word;
5. Retake all the settings you write down in step-2;

Now you can use the Word as before, and the embedded Excel objects (Tables, Charts) will (hopefully) not re-size randomly anymore. It works in my environment and hope it works for you too.

I can only conclude that it is a programming bug of Word, but hard to believe that Microsoft give no solution after so many complaints.

I am using Word 2016, and this workaround actually worked. Brilliant! I was working for several hours trying to figure out the "secret handshake." I should have Googled for an answer beforehand. Thanks!