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Default I bought a new PC. Can I use my old PC Product key to activate?

Yesterday I found that for some reason my normal.dotm on the new
laptop had lost its keyboard shortcuts and macros, so as I was going
to have to copy normal.dotm over from the desktop again anyway, I
tried deleting the Home & Student trial version that my installation
of Enterprise had glommed onto -- without deleting and then
reinstalling Enterprise; and it works fine (and the "noncommercial
use" note in the title bar is gone).

BTW it's a mystery why the normal.dotm got replaced; I haven't gone on
line from the laptop (because I can't figure out how to make the wifi

On Jan 3, 6:38*pm, "Doug Robbins - Word MVP"
How did you come by the software on the old PC? *If it is an OEM version
that came installed on the PC, then it is only licenced to be used on that
particular PC.

If it was a boxed version that you purchased, you can un-install it from
that PC and then install it on the new one. *Probably best to remove the
trial version first.

Hope this helps,

Doug Robbins - Word MVP

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"Virginia" wrote in message


My new PC comes with 6 month trial Office 2007. Can I simple activate my
licence from the old PC by inputting my PRoduct key during activation?-