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Default Multiple styles in a single paragraph

Sorry about the previous post. I was experimenting with coding to see if I
could add bold and underline to my post.

At any rate here is my question.

I have a legal document that contains paragraphs with two different styles
in the same paragraph. Additionally, when I select the hide/show icon, I do
not see any "hidden" paragraph marks, or the "style separator" mark.

The specific styles are as follows:
1st sentence is BOLD and Underlined in 12pt Times New Roman. The second and
subsuquent sentences are in 12 pt Times New Roman -NO bold, No underline.

If I place my cursor at the end of the paragraph and hit enter for a new
paragraph. The new paragraph automatically BOLDS and UNDERLINES the first
sentence, and leave all the subsuquent sentences in normal text.

When I place the cursor in the first sentence and open the "Styles and
Formatting" task pane, I can see that the first sentence is a "character"
style. Likewise, the sencond sentence is also a "character" style.

Here are my questions:
How do I set this multiple styles in the same paragraph (First Sentence BOLD
and UNDERLINED, and all others normal)?
Why can I not see the styles that create this multiple style paragraph?