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Default How to do String Manipulations on a Merge Field?

Thanks so much! That is exactly what I was looking for.


"macropod" wrote in message
Hi Lynda,

Alternatively, to check that the string is exactly 4 characters long and
ends in a 1:
{ IF "{ MERGEFIELD myfield }" = "???1" "the last character is a 1 at the
4th position" "the last character is NOT a 1 at the 4th position" }
or to check the 4th character in a potentially longer string:
{ IF "{ MERGEFIELD myfield }" = "???1*" "the 4th character is a 1 " "the
4th character is NOT a 1" }

[MVP - Microsoft Word]

"Peter Jamieson" wrote in message
There are no string functions such as left(), mid(), right() but you can
use wildcards at the left hand eend or right hand end of the second
comparand (but not both ends at once), e.g.

{ IF "{ MERGEFIELD myfield }" = "*1" "the rightmost character is a 1"
"the rightmost character is not a 1" }

It doesn't work for text longer than around 128 characters (or maybe 64,
I forget).

Peter Jamieson

"Lynda" wrote in message
Is it possible to find the last or first character(s) in a mail merge
field? For example, I want to check a merge field that contains 4
characters and I just want to do an if-then-else statement on the final
character. For example, if Right(mergefield) = 1, then do something,
else do something different. I can't seem to find any information on
string manipulations in Word. I am using Word 2003.

Thanks for your help.