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Stefan Blom
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Another aspect is that you have to choose the "From template" format
when you create a table of contents via the Index and Tables dialog
box. Otherwise, the TOC styles of the document will be changed by Word
according to the particular format selected.

Stefan Blom

"Suzanne S. Barnhill" wrote in message
Moreover, as Stefan has pointed out, changes to the styles affect

only the
current document unless you check the "Add to template" box in the

Style dialog. When modifications are saved to the template, they

will be
available in new documents.

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"Jay Freedman" wrote in message
Hi Ted,

To understand the "why", you have to know that the entire table of

is just one field. (Right-click in it and select Toggle Field

Codes to see
that this is true, then repeat to get back the usual display.) As

soon as
you update the field, any direct formatting you've applied to the

TOC is
thrown away. The only permanent formatting comes from the styles

that Word automatically applies based on the levels of the

headings and/or
TC fields.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP FAQ:

Stefan Blom wrote:
Modify the "TOC 1", "TOC 2" etc. styles to suit your needs; you

can do
this via the Index and Tables dialog box. Make sure that you

the "Add to template" check box for each modified style.

"Ted" wrote in message
Would someone tell me how & possibly why I cannot get Word 2003

preserve the Format of a Table of Contents? I have it

with spacing, Font sizes, tab leaders & all. However when you
create a New Document it gets lost.