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Default formating codes sidebar

Reveal Formatting is still available in Word 2007, as well. Press Shift+F1
(the same shortcut that works in Word 2003).

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"Jay Freedman" wrote in message
On Sat, 31 Mar 2007 19:56:01 -0700, bnw401

2003 had a sidebar where a formatting codes were shown and in fact you
click on one of the hyperlinks, and edit the file. Where is that sidebar

On the Home ribbon, in the Styles group, click the tiny button at the
right end of the group's title bar; or press the keyboard shortcut
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S. Hover the mouse over a style's name to see the
formatting it includes. Also investigate the three buttons at the
bottom of the panel, especially the middle one labeled "Style

There's also a miniature version, the Apply Styles box, that you can
display with Ctrl+Shift+S.

Jay Freedman
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