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I have found this tip EXTREMELY helpful. I searched around for how to do this and so far this is the only place where such info is available.
If you know to put the short title in italics under the same referencing system please inform us.

Originally Posted by Bob Buckland ?:-\) View Post
Hi Antonio,

When you're in the 'Manage Source' dialog click on the 'Edit' button for the authors and enter each author separately, or in the
Source editor, put a semicolon between authors.

You can have multiple citation fields, or you can insert multiple Citation tags in a single field. To do the latter

1. In References=Citations & Bibliography"=Manage Sources select a source on 'Current List' and choose 'Edit'.

2. Make a note of the Citation Tag name you want to add from the bottom left corner of the 'Edit Source' log.

3. In the document insert your first Citation then right click the inserted citation and choose 'Edit Field'.

4. In the edit field dialog, after the first citation add a space then
type \m then a space and then the next tag name.

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