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Default Saved Styles Lost When Reopen

Hi all,

I'm using Word 2016 and a university prepared template.

Before the template wasn't in the MS Word default template folder, and I found my document's styles repeatedly messed when reopened: all EndNote hyperlinks were lost - InText references became plain text and cannot be re-formatted automatically; some plain text paragraphs got some heading styles; all Style separators used for Figure captions were lost.

I had to reformat manually again and again. There wasn't solutions I could easily find on Internet. Things I did was to put the university template into Word's default template folder; and convert EndNote references into the unformatted version and then save and exit.

Endnote and heading styles seem to work alright now, but the Style separators will be still all lost after reopen.

Has anyone experienced something similar? Or have a clue why this might happen?