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Default Word 97 in Windows XP to maintain formatting

Can I install Word 97 in Windows XP? I have Office 2003 with Word 2003
already installed.
However, I have many 97 documents that, when opened on 2003, line spacing
and text formatting is sufficiently changed to cause many, many problems.
These are student workbooks with font sizes of 12 and 14 points. Words on a
line flow to the next line causing paragraph/page overflow. Sometimes a word
actually fits on the line above. These documents contain a lot of formulas
and programming code examples so formatting and spacing is very precise and
critical. Even text forming formulas and program code in a table may
overflow resulting in misalignment of lines that must be precisely aligned.
I have tried every option I can think of including all compatibility options
as Word 6.0, 97 and 2003, with printer metrics turned on and off. The only
fixes I have come up with are doing things like reducing font size by .5
point, setting paragraph right indent by even as little as negative .05
inches. But I would have to do this line by line or paragraph by paragraph.
I spent nearly a week just finding (But not yet correcting) problems in ten
I am considering installing Word 97 to solve this problem (although I am not
sure it will). What conflicts will I encounter? Can I keep 2003 and 97? Is
there any other way to "freeze" spacing?