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Stefan Blom
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Default "Dont add space between paragraphs of the same style" with Word 20

For the relevant styles, try setting the
NoSpaceBetweenParagraphsOfSameStyle to False. See the MSDN article at 0.asp
(NoSpaceBetweenParagraphsOfSameStyle Property [Word 2003 VBA Language

You may also want to turn on the "Don't use HTML paragraph auto
spacing" compatibility option in Tools | Options, Compatibility tab.
In VBA, something like this should do the trick:

ActiveDocument.Compatibility(wdDontUseHTMLParagrap hAutoSpacing) = True

See the MSDN article at
(Compatibility Property [Word 2003 VBA Language Reference])

Stefan Blom
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"spnz" wrote in message
Hi there,

I need to be able to turn the function off.....It is causing me a

number of
headaches with some templates that I am using.

Does anyone know a way I can try to turn this off?

As when I use some macros in a template it automatically turns this
on......The macros have all been written in 2000 where this feature

did not
exist. Which is causing a nightmare with all the current formatting.

Any help would be great!!!