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Peter T. Daniels
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Default Files are opening in wordpad instead of word.

Right-click on the name of a .doc or .docx (do it once for each kind),
Choose "Open With," and select Winword ("Browse" to it, if necessary).
Be sure the box is checked to "Use this application to open all files
of this type" (or some such).

On Mar 23, 11:09*pm, Rachel wrote:
What if you have Vista?

"JoAnn Paules [MVP]" wrote:
A *very* quick search yielded:

How to change file associations in Windows XP;307859&produc....


JoAnn Paules
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"JustinJames05" wrote in message
When I save a document in Microsoft word, and try to repopen it, it opens
wordpad. This is very frustrating, and I was wondering how I can fix rhe
associaiton problem.-