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Default Section And Page No.s Word 2003

Using the Page Number dialog box isn't recommended. See

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"Helenaw" wrote in message


I have been following the instructions both on websites and also on
Youtube videos. I have spent 5 hours on it today and got nowhere so I am
getting desperate for help.

A lot of things went wrong and I am still struggling.

I have switched on the revealer and there is only ONE section break.

When I look at the headers and footers it shows clearly that the first 5
pages are Section One and then page six and all subsequent one are in
section two. I broke the links.

When I insert page numbers into section 2, starting with the number 6, I
put the cursor on page 6 and click insert page number start from page
6.But what Word does is numbers section one from page 6 to page 11.
Section Two has no numbers.

I am at my wits' end, having wasted the best part of a whole day just
trying to insert page numbers.

Can anyone help?


ETA.... it seems to be working now... while waiting for a reply I kept
on fiddling, and found that the ONLY way to make it put page numbers
from page 6 is to put the cursor on page 8 then insert page number .
And no matter how many time I said "centre" it puts them on the right
hand corner of every page. Still, the contents page has updating itself
correctly (I think!)