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Default page layout problems

The first thing to do is display nonprinting marks (for example by clicking
the button on the Home tab). You will notice that there are many manual
page breaks in the document, breaks that are usually not needed.

Instead of working with manual page breaks, you can specify "Page break
before" formatting for the relevant heading styles; that way, the Spacing
Before you defined will also be honored.

By the way, which version of Word are you using?

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"blackhat7" wrote in message

hi guys,
lets get to the point

i am having a thesis which i am preparing to make it print-ready
now the problem which i face is this

i have a title on page 4
and some text on page 5
if i change the font size of the title
the text of page 5 goes to page 4, not all of it though,

and for some reason
the titles are not given a 90pt space before them, although i changed
the style, but somehow its screwing up

what i want to do is the following
put each heading on a page alone
give it a 90 pt space before sentence
assign a font,size and color
center-align it
and at last when i will add table of contents it will automatically pick
everything up
regarding the text, i want two text fonts (already selected)
one for the normal text
one for the poems
file attached, please help