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Default Templates Saved to Desktop

If the document needs access to information from the template, such as
macros or Building Blocks or key assignments, you have to distribute the
document along with its template. Keeping the document in the same folder as
the template will be enough for Word to find it.

Stefan Blom
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"Linda Frankish" wrote in message

I have always been taught that in order not to "break" a document that
has a template attached, the template needs to be saved on ever desktop
that the document will be opened on.
I think this is an Urban legend, but I am not quite sure.
I create 100+ documents by creating a new document and attaching a
template to it. I then fill in the content.
Alternatively, I take documents that already exist and I attach
templates to them, and with the Organizer pull in the styles I want.
My problem is that I have seen documents revert to the and
pull in the styles formats from there; however, it is my belief that as
long as I have some kind of tempate attached, this should not happen.
Am I deluded in that, or do I really need to make sure that the people I
send it to have the template on their desktops.
Please - this is one of many Word issues that drives me mad.

Linda Frankish