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You've got the wrong end of the stick. Word 2007 will open documents from
previous versions of Word. This is a completely different problem in that
the user cannot see the old documents. Probably because they have been
restored to the incorrect location.

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"Gordon" wrote in message
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I backed up my entire hard drive prior to upgrading to Vista Business OS.
backed up all files and documents on a external hard drive using Windows
backup program.

Presumably you mean the Backup program that comes with Windows XP

I have now installed windows Vista Business and alos install
Microsoft Office 2007. I have MS Office Pro 2003. I have tried
restoring my
documents and have been unable to do so.

Do I take it that Vista either doesn't have a backup function, or if it
does, that it is NOT backward compatible YET AGAIN?

If that is the case, then it's just another manifestation of Microsoft's
"couldn't give a monkeys toss" about users data. just like XP backup
couldn't read 98 backup files and nobody knew about it until they tried to
restore the backup after installing XP.

I'm afraid that if you DID use the integral XP backup function, you will
have to find a machine with XP on it to restore the documents you need,
and transfer them to your Vista machine some other way...