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Default Can't remove highlight

I'm seeing the same problem... It's in a table, and any text that is entered
appears highlighted with yellow.

I've set "No Fill";
I've set "Shading" to "Clear";
Reveal Codes shows: Pattern: Clear (Yellow) - Clear
There doesn't appear to be any document Protection in effect.

The entire table (3col x 17rows) has the same attributes.

I also tried: "Table Properties" | "Borders & Shading" |

It's also set to:

Fill: No Fill
Pattern: Clear
Apply to: Table

"Cubbie_Gal" wrote:

I have same problem. Tried clearning the shading and the highlighting and
neither works. My text still stays highlighted. When I "reveal formatting"
under the font section is stays "Shading: Clear (Yellow)". So I'm selecting
clear for shading but it's leaving it yellow anyway? I don't understand.
Does it have to do with the fact that it's a bulleted list? I'm just baffled.

"Inquiring Mind" wrote:

I have the same problem but I've tried both of the options described below
and can't seem to remove the highlighting. Any other suggestions?
Inquiring Minds need to know

"suroora" wrote: