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Default greater than or equal to symbol (=)

In the Insert | Symbol dialog ("normal text)," find character 2265 (in the
Mathematical Operators character subset). Insert it in your document. Select
it. Go to Tools | AutoCorrect Options. The symbol should already be in the
"With" box. Type = in the "Replace" box. Click Add, then OK.

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wrote in message ...
i'm afraid i didn't 'get it'. i followed barb's instructions but it

inserts a
character that's already in the wingdings table. i don't see a = symbol,
where 'greater than' is above the 'equals' symbol.

"Barb Reinhardt" wrote:

Insert Symbol
Select the Symbol you want.
Select Autocorrect and you and enter the characters you want changed to


Have a great day!


"Nelson" wrote in message
Is there a key combination that will insert the symbols for greater

equal to, and less than or equal to in a Word document? As in: an
where = would be changed to the correct symbol?