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Default Password recovery for MSWord

It's *supposed* to be challenging. Kind of defeats the purpose of protecting
a document if it can be easily hacked.


JoAnn Paules
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"kevo" wrote in message
I recently lost a password to a MSword document i had saved and while
trying to figure out a way to recover the password i came across these
instructions on numerous websites:

1.) Open a protected document in MS Word
2.) Save as "Web Page (*.htm; *.html)", close Word
3.) Open html-document in any Text-Editor
4.) Search "w:UnprotectPassword" tag, the line reads something like
that: w:UnprotectPasswordABCDEF01/w:UnprotectPassword
5.) Keep the "password" in mind
6.) Open original document (.doc) with any hex-editor
7.) Search for hex-values of the password (reverse order!)
8.) Overwrite all 4 double-bytes with 0x00, Save, Close
9.) Open document with MS Word, Select "Tools / Unprotect Document"
(password is blank)

Apperently this is a loophole someone discovered that allows anybody to
gain access to a protected word or excel document.
But why the hell would you be hacking into a protected document to change
the password if you can already open it to begin with??
This is so stupid.
If anybody can help me with this, i would be greatly appreciated. I need a
way to regain access to a document and these instructions are not making
sense to me.