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Originally Posted by Stefan Blom[_3_] View Post
Since you have replied to an old thread, I see your post out of context
(because I'm using an NNTP newsreader where older messages get deleted

In what way do you want to change the footnotes in Word? Which version of
Word are you using?

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

Hello Stefan
I am using this post because I wanted to get back to you to say that the problem I last wrote about is clear now. Don't worry about macros or anything else. It is a simple normal.docm problem.

I now have a supposedly blank document with writing on - "the quick brown fox" hereafter known as "the fox" for identification purposes. (before I just got an open window with no doc so now I can actually see what is happening) . It is now opening as a blank document and I cannot rename it because I get the message it is open even though I have closed all documents. So basically this is what was happening when I was opening and closing documents and getting messages and then not being able to change anything because a doc was open.

I cleared out all my macros that had been in global template and redid my macro and it is the only one in there.

So when I try and get a new document it comes up. My normal.docm are now found in "new from existing templates". If I try and do a search from start I go straight to the fox doc. It doesn't do a search.
I try and make a new one by going to file and open but it still brings up the fox doc.
So I need to rename it but just cant seem to be able to . Oh and I have ticked hidden files so I can see everything. Could it be a hidden file?

I hope this makes everything clearer. I am looking at a document on how to fix it but lots of different versions in the one article. The article warns about
making a new normal doc for existing files.

My macro was for all files because I don't do any other work with footnotes.
Thank you in advance for helping with this document.

As for one of the other questions re italics.
I still cannot understand why italics changed. What question should I ask to see if I can get an article or an explanation and fix please?

Hello Stephan

Want to make sure you get my reply so posted to a couple of yor posts.
Hello Stephan
Re normal docm problem. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have been unwell. I have resolved my normal.docm problem that has arisen in this thread. I am still unsure as to why I am loosing my italics but will keep an eye on it and if it happens again I can provide more information.
Thank you for your assistance