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Default How do I convert a Wordpad file to a Word document

I tried these suggestions and they did not work for me. I am running Word
2003 and Microsoft XP. Documents that I create and save in word end up with
a wordpad icon. Also, the "properties" window says that the "type of file"
is a wordpad document, even though it was created with Word. I have tried
the right click, open with, choose program solution and that did not work. I
also opened up explorer and changed the file associations for .doc and .rtf
files to Word, but that does not work. To be clear, although the documents
bear wordpad icons, they do open up in microsoft word. The only exception is
when I attempt to open a word document from my thumb drive. Then, it opens
in wordpad instead. I would appreciate any help.

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How to re-register Word when problems crop up opening files


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tom scott wrote:
When I create a document and save it as a word file, it shows up on my
desktop as a Wordpad file which I can't work with in the same way and
with the same tools as in Word.doc format. How can I save documents
so that they don't convert to Wordpad. Or, how can I convert wordpad
documents to Word.doc format?