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Default Pasting Excel cells as "Picture (Enhanced Metafile)"


I need to paste cells from Excel into Word as "Picture (Enhanced Metafile)"
(I need to do this over 100 times). Every time I do this, the resulting
picture's top left corner ends up violating the top left margin of the Word
document (even though my cursor was located at the top left corner of the
page when I did the pasting). I then have to both move and resize this
picture. Is there any way to either

a) automatically resize the picture so it has the largest possible size
without violating any of the page margins (and not being distorted)


b) if (a) above is not possible, at least move the picture so that its top
left corner is at the top left corner (as defined by the margins set for the
page) of the page?

Thank you for your help!