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Default How to highlight Text, but only print text not highlight

thanks for the suggestion, but that sounds like a hassle and would mpre often
than not be forgotten (error prone). Especially seeing the whole company
uses these templates.

"Suzanne S. Barnhill" wrote:

Before printing, go to Tools | Options | View and clear the check box for
"Highlight." The highlighting will no longer be displayed and will not
print. After printing, you can recheck the box.

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"Darren" wrote in message
I wish to highlight certain lines of text. When simply viewing or editing
the document I wish to see the highlight to draw attention to the line of
Text. But when I print I only want the Text to print (not the highlight).

I can't find how to do this. I.e. I can format the Text and highlight as
"hidden", but this obvioudly hides both the text and highlight on Print.

still want the Text.