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Default Inserting Diagonal Lines inside a Cell

Beth is correct, you can use both diagonals in the same cell to make an X.
Sorry 'bout that.

Jay Freedman wrote:
Put the cursor in the cell. On the Home ribbon tab, in the Paragraph
group, click the little arrow next to the Border button (the last one
in the second row of the group) and choose the diagonal border. That
offers only one diagonal at a time, but that may be enough for you.

The alternative is to use the line tool (Insert tab, Illustrations
group, Shapes button) to draw lines.

Sue wrote:
Does anyone know how to insert diagonal lines inside a cell?
I'm using Microsoft Word 2007 and I created monthly calendars from
January-December. I would like to "X" out the respective days of the
week after they have passed, but I can't figure out how to do that in

I've tried inserting the multiplication symbol and enlarging it, but
it doesn't work well. Any other ideas?