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Default Difficult Page Numbering/Section Break/Line Numbering Issue

My apologies.

The entire document must be PAGE NUMBERED consecutively beginning at one on
the first page.

Close to the end of the document, in the claims section, you must LINE
NUMBER any claim over 5 lines long, with line numbering starting over at EACH

The PAGE NUMBERS restart based on the SECTION BREAKS used to start and stop
the claim line numbering. Setting PAGE NUMBERING to continue from previous
section does not work because the SECTION BREAKS are continuous.

I hope that clears it up. If not, I would be happy to send a sample of what
I am talking about to you.

"Suzanne S. Barnhill" wrote:

I'm confused. The claims themselves have to be numbered, or the pages
they're on have to be numbered, or claims over five lines have to have line
numbering? It seems that you're mixing a hodge-podge of numbering and page
numbering, so I can't figure out what result you're trying to achieve.

This statement I find especially puzzling:

Page numbering is only applied to the claims
section, and it is set to number by five and restart at each section

Suzanne S. Barnhill
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"SuzieQ" wrote in message
I'm baffled. I've read quite a few answers to questions, but I can't seem
find one that fits what I've got going on. Any help would be appreciated.

We draft patent applications. Towards the end of the document is a
called the claims. The patent office requires that any claims over 5
be numbered. The numbers have to restart for each claim over 5 lines.

We accomplish this by placing a continuous section break at the beginning
and end of each claim, like this:

----------------Section Break (Continuous)--------------------------
1. A method for numbering claims . . . .
----------------Section Break (Continuous)--------------------------
----------------Section Break (Continuous)--------------------------
2. A method according to claim 1, wherein the pages don't renumber.
----------------Section Break (Continuous)--------------------------
----------------Section Break (Continuous)--------------------------
3. etc.

The entire document is formatted with no different first page, headers on
each page containing our docket number and footers on each page containing
consecutive page number. Page numbering is only applied to the claims
section, and it is set to number by five and restart at each section

The pages will number just fine until you get to the claims section. Then
the first page of claims will be consecutive, and the next page will start
one. Mind you, by now, the footer is footer section 13 or so whereas the
footer section for the previous page was footer section 1.

When formatting the page numbers, I tell it to continue from previous
section, which changes the number to 2. I know that page numbering
ties into section breaks, but how can I tell it to ignore the section
and number consecutively?