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Ah, well, allow me to retort, and then I shan't bother you anymore.
I'm sure you think you're well-intentioned and I don't blame you for your response.
I know quite well how a newgroup works, thanks, which is precisely why I wrote what I did.
I manage the odd newsgroup myself, and I can remove messages when so requested. That's what the filthy big "REPORT INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT" button is all about. And an administrator can remove what he/she wishes.
And an administrator can even sometimes partially delegate such access.
Secondly, some newsgroup software does allow you to remove your own posts, sometimes whenever you like, and sometimes only if there's been no response to your message yet.
Thirdly, it is a common feature in newsgroup software to allow readers to list all questions that have not yet had a response. Such messages allow contributors to quickly assist when there has been no response to date.
Because you posted a largely useless response, albeit interesting in itself, there might well be many who consider that even reading my request (already answered in some fashion) is not top priority.
What's more, you're unlikely to get a response to your own problem by piggybacking on an as-yet unproductive thread.
I just don't really understand why you didn't open a new thread, since it's really quite a different issue, and nothing to do with Custom Properties.

But you know, I don't really mind, and I'm not really upset about it at all.
But you have a high posting count so maybe you can reflect on the unintended and perhaps unexpected consequences of your activities on others.

Last of all, dear Sir, you fail to mention the version of WORD that you have a problem with too, so calling my kettle black is a little inflated of you in the circumstance.
I wish you good luck to solve your non-breaking space problem.

PS: The problem I describe occurs in the three most recent versions of WORD, and though you are quite correct to note my omission, it's not really of any consequence.