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Default Issue with Margins

Your question isn't entirely clear. "Indent" usually refers to (added)
distance from the left margin, while "line up with" would seem to
refer to lines of text on facing pages not being at the same level.

Maybe you're saying that when you scroll through your document, the
pages seem to move side to side by an inch or so?

Look in your Page Setup tool, Margins tab (select Margins from the
Page Layout tab) and see if maybe the "Multiple Pages" menu is set
to "Mirror margins" instead of "Normal."

On Saturday, August 24, 2019 at 3:31:05 PM UTC-4, IslandGirl88 wrote:
Hi, my Word documents are consistently indented every other page i.e.
the text does not line up with the text of the previous page. I have
tried resetting margins and made sure that the rules apply to the whole
document but nothing seems to help. Any ideas?