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This still works and helped me solve both a text wrapping issue with my table and a different problem involving a TOC.

I had a TOC that was in the wrong order no matter what I did because it was reading my table (which contains a TOC item)as first on the page, no matter where I placed it after the text.

So even thought he page was set up like this:
1. Text

[1.1 Table Text ][Table Text]

it was coming out in my TOC as:

1.1 Table Text ........3
1 Text ...................3

Originally Posted by gr8auntieokie View Post
If your table isn't running from margin to margin, I might suggest that you
insert a textbox in a paragraph of your document where you want to the table
to appear, then insert the table(s) you need inside the textbox. Then you can
wrap the text of your document around the textbox by formatting the textbox
(rather than the table) to ride in-line with the text or to sit in front of
or behind the document text, according to however you want it.

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