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Originally Posted by PaulLiv View Post
Hello all, I have recently started a new job and am having an awful time with formatting and copy & pasting. My job is to collate reports from various sources including Educational Psychologists, into one document that provides a school with the information they need to support a child with special needs.
So, 5 or 6 documents need to be read and then information copied or typed into a master document.

Many of the reports we get have tables, and I need to copy the text from one document to another. As you can see in the picture (see link below):

1 - Copy from table on the right
2 - Paste into table on right

The table tabs in destination document change. The format changes. The font does NOT change. All of this despite the fact that my default paste option is 'Keep Text Only'. Hence, every time I paste I have to click through to 'Keep Text Only' and sort out the tabs.

I also cannot, say, select three boxes across a table, and paste them into my table, as in my table, column (1) has to have items listed 1) 2), column (2) needs a) b) and column (3) is bullet points. I then have to change all of these back if I try to paste more than one box over at a time.

Please follow the link to see example images. I initially put this query on the official Microsoft forum and received a deeply unhelpful answer.

Highlighted in yellow is the source table. The red text is how it appears initially in my table. The green text in the row underneath is how it looks after I faff round with the tabs and the automatic listings etc.

If anyone can advise me I would be eternally grateful, I have done a fair bit of research online and have been unable to find anything to help. This is taking up about 30% of my working time and I could really use that time to better effect. | | | | guidomaggi | GuidoMaggi |

P.S. I am on Word 2010.
Hello there...did you ever find out what the problem was..i have read through this a couple of times and can not seem to get anywhere with it.

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