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Default Duplex Printing Landscape

If your printer accepts PCL commands, you may be able to use a PRINT field.
A PRINT field is simply a type of field that allows you to send instructions
directly to the printer.

The value for Portrait setting: { PRINT 27&l0O" }
The value for Landscape { PRINT 27"&l1O" }

Put the relevant codes at the top of the pages.
Whether this will work for you in conjunction with duplex mode I cannot say.

Incidentally you can use ALT+PrtScreen to copy the active Window to the
clipboard (or better still use SnagIt - there is a trial).

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Nigel Molesworth wrote:
On Thu, 27 Nov 2008 11:42:02 -0000, "PeterMcC"

Flip the stack

I've got a duplexer, I don't want to have to flip the stack every