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Doug Robbins
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Default Records left out

Are you using a Tablet PC. If so, there is an issue with the Propogate
Labels facility that is supposed to copy the mergefields from the first
label into every label on the sheet, though in my case it does copy it to
the second and third labels and the final two labels on the sheet. This has
been reported as a bug, but no resolution yet. In the meantime, the work
around is to manually copy and paste the mergefields into each label in the
mailmerge main document.

Please respond to the Newsgroup for the benefit of others who may be
interested. Questions sent directly to me will only be answered on a paid
consulting basis.

Hope this helps,
Doug Robbins - Word MVP
"CHill " wrote in message
I am trying to create labels in Word 2002 using mail merge and ODBC. For
some reason, only the first and last labels from the list are merging.

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