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Graham Mayor
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Default adobe reader

Finereader OCR software would extract whatever you select in the document to
a Word document, It even comes with a screenshot reader applet that allows
you to copy anything you see on screen to a Word document (or a whole raft
of other places).


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"Stewart" wrote in message
JoAnn, that is what I had in mind; to use the snipping tool (windows 7)
and then use MS Word 2007 but I do not know how to get it to read a screen
shot using OCR.
The long way round would be to print the bits I want from Adobe Reader,
then scan back in and use OCR to get into word format.
That is cumbersome.
The camera is Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS10 and on first use it seems to be a
beauty. I still have my older cameras, A Zeiss Contarex single lens
reflex (too heavy now), a Nikon underwater (no longer use) and an Olympus
compact (heavy for my pocket) so I can make comparisons.
Thanks again.

"JoAnn Paules [MVP]" wrote in message
What about using screenshots, use OCR, and then convert to Word?

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"Stewart" wrote in message
The Panasonic instruction manual is security protected and will not
permit me to copy however as you have suggested I can print the pages I
My idea of using "Word" was to condense the parts that I wanted and have
a small compact note to go in the camera pouch.
Thanks again.

"Suzanne S. Barnhill" wrote in message
To add to what the others have said, although you can certainly print
the entire manual as a booklet or copy selected text to a Word
document, have you considered just printing specific pages of the PDF
through Adobe Reader?

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"Stewart" wrote in message
I have just bought a new camera and the instructions are printed (on
screen) in Adobe Reader; there are 104 pages.
I wish to copy the pages I need in to a word document and then modify
and print what I want.
Is there any way I can use Word 2007 to do this?
I remember reading that Word has an OCR capability but do not know if
this would work from the Adobe Reader screen.
Thank you.