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Default Border settings for A4

Word gets the margin limits from the printer driver.


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Stephen Glynn wrote:
Graham Mayor wrote:

Thanks. I'm still a bit confused, though.

I've followed the article's advice to set all the margins to zero in
File-Page Set-up and then ask Word 2000 to 'fix the problem' when it
tells me that the margins are set outside the printable area of the
However, the printable margins it then goes on to propose aren't those
of my printer (in particular, it thinks I can use a bottom margin of
0.29 cm, while Epson think that the minium margin for my model is 1.25
cm. It's the only printer I've ever installed on this PC; where's
Word getting its information from? Or are these Word's minimum
margins, regardless of what the printer will actually so?

Also, when I go to Page-Set-up - Borders - Page Borders - Options and
try to set the page border's margin from the edge of the page, the
only unit of measurement it offers me is a 'point', despite the fact
it uses metric measures for all other purposes. Is there a way to
pursuade it to use measures I can understand? Google calculator
informs that that '1 PostScript points = 0.0352777778 centimetres',
(so 1.25 centimetres is 35.4330709 points) which isn't the easiest
conversion to do!