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Default search preview pane

Click the arrowhead on the right edge of the Views button & choose Preview
from the list of view modes that opens up. Keep in mind that an item must be
selected in the Content pane in order for a preview to be displayed & that
not *all* files provide a preview.
HTH |:)
Bob Jones
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"nuticanuk" wrote in message
'View' is available....but 'select preview' is not an option. (yes XP)
any other suggestions?

ty btw

"CyberTaz" wrote:

If I understand your question it isn't a matter of which version of Word,
it's a matter of which version of Windows. In the Open dialog you should
find a Views button right next to the button labeled Tools on the small
toolbar at the top of the dialog. Click it & select Preview. [This is
assuming Windows XP - but other versions of Windows have a similar
HTH |:)
Bob Jones
[MVP] Office:Mac

"nuticanuk" wrote in message
Previously (in an older version of word) I was able to preview a
once I had enabled a search using a keyword. I have Word 2000 now and
unable to see a preview pane to preview the document(s) I may be
in opening. I am forced to clik on a document, wait for word to
open the page only to find out it's not the one I was looking for,
and try again and again. With the preview pane, it could see the
without 'opening' it in a new window. Does anyone have a solution for