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Peter T. Daniels
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Default Table of Contents

Does the title of the Index use the same Paragraph Style as each of the chapter titles?

Did you put the cursor where you want the ToF to be, and go to the Insert
Table of Figures icon on the References tab? (It opens the same panel as
you used for setting up your ToC.)

On Monday, April 6, 2020 at 3:31:06 PM UTC-4, Hollee85 wrote:
Good Afternoon

I have been working on a project for my Word class and have to include a
table to contents, table of figures, and an index. I'm at the end stages
of my project and just need to update my Table of Contents but, it will
not add my table of figures or my index. Does anybody have any clue why
and how I can fix that?

Thank you in advance!