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As you've seen, you can make connections that will help you here. In
general, however, this newsgroup is designed to advise on the technical
aspects of using Word, not to give advice on the *content* of documents
written in Word. It is not the best place to ask your question. Search the
web for examples (using Google or another search engine), or use your

Itıs possible that the MS-hosted bank of templates by MS and third parties
will offer something:

There are more templates there than are shipped with Office, and a link for
template suggestions.

On 7/19/05 5:58 AM, "Tee" wrote:

I am trying to sell our services, We charter aircrafts, we have different
programs, clients can purchase, even if they own their own aircraft we can
manage it for them & charter it out so we can make money & so can they.

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