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Lene Fredborg
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Default all of a sudden, header takes up half of each page

Two other things you could check:

Is it possible that you have added a number of empty paragraphs in the header?
To check this, select View Header and Footer. Show formatting marks to
make paragraphs marks visible (click the ¶ icon in the Standard toolbar).
Delete the empty paragraphs if found (one will remain).

If you do not find a series of empty paragraphs, check whether extra space
has been added after the single, empty header paragraph (Format Paragraph
Indents and Spacing tab Spacing After).

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"adam j" wrote:

Doug - thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately the vertical alignment
is already set to TOP.

"adam j" wrote:

I'm using Word 2003. This is the second time that I have been typing on a
report, and without warning the headers suddenly take up almost half of each
page, although they have no content. I have already learned from reading
these threads that headers can't be deleted. I'm really hoping to make
things normal again, and also learn what I (accidentally) did to make this