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Default Lose Changes to Style When Document ReOpened

If styles change when you (re-)open a document, you need to do the
following: In the Templates and Add-Ins dialog box, clear the option to
"Automatically update document styles."

To display the dialog box: First display the Developer tab on the ribbon by
selecting it at File tab | Options | Customize Ribbon. Then, on the
Developer tab, click Document Template. (These instructions apply to Word
2010 and 2013.)

Stefan Blom
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I have found a partial remedy to the lost styles problem, which is: I have
defined my styles as a "quick style set". Each time I re-open the
document, the styles are reverted to some default, but by applying my
quick style set I can regain my styles. Still, it is annoying that I have
to do it each and every time I open the document. Isn't there any
possibility to cause the style definitions to stay? (Preferably one that
does not involve templates...)

Den onsdag den 12. februar 2014 14.51.28 UTC+2 skrev Lisa Wilke-Thissen:

You may be interested to know I did explicitly change the font colour

setting for style A,

but then the error would occur on reopening the document (so there is a

"bug" somewhere)

you did not change the Design, you did not change the Styles Set? Did you

modify a character style, a paragraph style, or a linked style? You just

modified this one style, you did not modify the basis style?

Click into the formatted text and press SHIFT + F1. In the "Reveal

Formatting" pane enable "Distinguish style source". Then, which

does the pane show for your text?

When opening the document by "Open and Repair": Does any error message


Your also can send me the document for analysing.