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Eduardo Oliveira
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Default Excel worksheet in Word linked text boxes

Dear friends,

I am used to "linked text boxes" in Word documents for "text", having it
"jumping" from one box to following ones.

I need, though, to use the same "style" for Excel worksheets. Apparently,
"linked text boxes" applies only to texts, not other type of "objects", like
Excel Wsheets.

The cenario is the following:

1. Have a Excel Wsheet, with a number of calculations grouped in separated
"tables" (actually, the Excel fle is only used to format and program the

2. Some cells are linked to others (ex: the result of one cell may be the
input value for another cell in another "table", throuh Copy / Paste Link,
for instance).

3. In my Word file, I want to display each Excel Wsheet "table" accross the
document, in sequence (1st "table" first, then word text comments, then 2nd
"table" followed by corresponding text comments, and so forth).

4. Furthermore, I would like to have the Excel Wsheet EMBEDDED in the Word
file, not linked, so to have it as part of the Word document.

The reason is that the Word file must be a TEMPLATE (*.dot), so to allow
other users to use it independently AND (I repeat, AND!) allow them TO FILL
the Excel Wsheet cells in the different "tables" along the document, with
values of their own, and so having the "pre-programmed" Wsheet cells to yield
the results.

The Word document is, typically, a BUDGET PLAN report, to be written by
different groups of people into separate Word documents (reason for the
template initiative!), where the Excel Wsheet tables refer to expected
"Costs" (itemized as Staff, Transports, ...) and expected "Revenues"
(itemized as Funding, Sells, ...), as an example.

I already tried using Word Tables and Table Formula to perform the
calculations (simple arithmetics of sums, subtractions, multiplications, ...)
and "transfering" the result cells into other cells by Copy /Paste Link them,
but... IT DOES NOT WORK!! When entering the DOT file and transforming it as
DOC file, all the links are lost, as well as the formulas!!

Neither works Copying and Pasting each table from the Excel Wsheet into the
appropriate locations in the Word document, because Word considers the
different tables such created as DIFFERENT Excel "objects", and so, losing,
as well, the established "links" between cells in the SINGLE Excel Wsheet.

My attempts to use Word linked text boxes didn't work either! Apparently
because it seems to be ONLY applicable to common text, not Excel Wsheets.

In fact, after establishing the linking between the text boxes in the Word
document, and copying the WHOLE Excel Wsheet into the first text box, it does
not pass the exceding content of the first text box into the following ones,
as it happens with common text.

Does anyone know how to solve this?
If present version of Word does not allow this type of application for
linked text boxes, I think it would be an interesting feature to build in
future versions.

Presently I am using MS Office Word and Excell 2003, in Windows XP

I antecepatedly do appreciate your (urgent!) help and experience for this
Looking forward to hearing from you, please accept my best regards.

Eduardo Oliveira
Lisbon, Portugal

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