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Mark K
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Default Renaming Word 2002 "Paragraph and Character" styles

I have read many of the responses and tried solutions, but so far have
not been able to crack my problem.

I have older files that need to be edited and sent off. They have the
old Char Char problem. The style I'm concerned with is a created
style "Main Body Text" and its mutations Main Body Text Char Char,
Char Char Char Char, Char Char Char Char Char Char Char Char, and so

At present I search for these mutations and replace them manually with
"Main Body Text" - they are not linked so that is easy. Then
delete them manually. Problem is some documents have so many it takes
for ever.

If only I had a macro that would find all occurrences of the style
"Main Body Text Char *" and replaced it with "Main Body Text" I
tried the following macro but it does pick them up.

Any ideas?
Many thanks,

Sub Macro1()
Selection.Find.Style = ActiveDocument.Styles("Main Body Text Char
Selection.Find.Replacement.Style = ActiveDocument.Styles("Main Body

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Cindy M -WordMVP-
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Hi Mark,

tried the following macro but it does pick them up.

The * wildcard won't work when searching a style name in a
document. You'd need to search each style, individually.

What you could perhaps do is use a For Each loop to check
the presence of the basic style and Char in each style's
name. Roughly, like this (untested)

For each styl in ActiveDocument.Styles
s = styl.LocalName
If Instr(s, "Char") 0 Then
If Instr(s, "Main text") 0 Then
'Find/Replace using s
End If
End If

Cindy Meister
INTER-Solutions, Switzerland (last update
Jun 8 2004)

This reply is posted in the Newsgroup; please post any
follow question or reply in the newsgroup and not by e-mail

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Klaus Linke
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Besides Cindy's macro, you could check out Andrew Savikas' from he

I haven't tested much, but it seemed to work pretty well.


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Mark K
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Many thanks, I'll give it a try.


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Mark K
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Yes, I have tried and retried this macro/function. But, on my PC Word
stops responding when I use it. I've had a bit of a look at what its is
doing, but cannot see why it would lock up.


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Mark K
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I gave it a go, but can't get it to work. The find replace bit has me
stumpted as to what I should do.


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