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Exclamation 1 step apply Multi level outline bullet Styles from Source Doc thru entire Dest doc

(Initially posted this on SuperUser (so there may be some extra info), but since I did not get any replies I figured I'd ask MS Word/ Office experts - Maybe this can be done via Word and/ or VBA/ VBScript)

Single step apply Multi level outline bullet Word Styles from Source Document thru entire Destination document?

To make it easier to understand, I'll use the following 2 terms:
- SS - [Style Source Doc][1] - Sample document whose outline/ bullet Styles are to be used
- SD - [Style Destination Doc][2] - Document on which the Styles must be applied (ignore colors)


For those not familiar with fine grained detailed review & edit of Styles:

To show or hide the Reveal Formatting Pane press [code single]Shift + F1[/code] & note the following:

Bullets & Numbering
Outline Numbered Level: X

- X is "unique" for bullets & sub bullets in SS Doc
- And reflects/ matches the LEVEL of the Bullet/ Sub-bullet in hierarchy.
- X is same for all bullets & sub bullets in the SD Doc


Basically, I'd like to apply the outline bullet para style(s) from SS Doc to SD Doc:

I've defined custom bullets for each bullet level upto Level 8/9 as Word allows it (Shown below)

[![Word Outline Paragraph Styles][3]][3]

I'm aware of Word Macros, Word VBA code, VB Scripts, PowerShell etc., but I'm not an expert.

I'd prefer a way which requires less/ single action (a click or execute Batch/ Script) to repeatedly apply this "post processing" to the "generated" SD Doc(s).

- Import/ Export, Apply, Replace the Styles - How?

Read this, but not easy to execute repeatedly nor sure how to apply in current scenario.


Just an FYI

- The SD Doc(s) are generated using XML/ XSL sheets for a personal project
- XSL sheets are not capable of generating such deep Word styles/ markup, as was manually created in the SS Doc
- Limited bullet choices and reconfigurability



Originally Posted by macropod View Post
Your questiion:

is about as clear as mud - which might explain why you didn't get any responses. If you are trying to:
1. Copy Styles from one document to another; and/or
2. Update Style definitions in one document to match those in another,
either of those you can be done using the Organiser. A search of the board will also turn up a discussion a few years back that allowed you to choose a selection of Styles in one document to transfer to one or more other documents. That said, it's not apparent whether your formatting has been applied to whatever Styles you're using correctly, or whether you've just overlaid a few Styles with manual formatting.
Now, when my SD DOC is generated via XML/XSL (code) I can apply bunch of things as formatting, but I cannot make it create Specific Styles - Varying Bullets, Varying Properties (that I've marked in Red boxes) etc.

This is a limitation of the XML/XSL sheets. Wish I could do it all from there, but I cant.

Now, for POST PROCESSING I created a SS Doc to show what I really want.

Now, how I can get it to APPLY those kind of styles to the Bullets/ Multi level Outline in the entire SD Doc... Is my question?
I am not super deep Word expert.. so not sure on options 1 & 2 you mentioned.

Now, I could manually APPLY the STYLE using the Format Painter and go Painting (applying the styling) to Bullets through the entire document.. but that would be too cumbersome and time consuming and might leave inaccuracies.

Is there a way I can automate this APPLICATION of STYLES. What approach/ path might you suggest?

It need not come from SS Doc, but thats the only example I have. Unless that can be codified into "programming code" e.g. VBA etc?

I'm not sure where its 1. COPY or 2. UPDATE or both.. But I just wish to POST PROCESS my generated SD Doc, to have BULLETS / Multi level Outlines that Look and act like the ones from SS Doc.

PS: Part of the reason I did not use COPY or UPDATE or even APPLY was that I wasnt sure how these terms mean different things inside the world of "Word Styles"

I hope it was more clear what I'd like to achieve (the END) in my post processing?
Now, maybe there are WAYS and MEANS to reach that END in word / Word VBA?


PS: Another issue, I was able to post earlier, but today my IP was being blocked when I tried to post this reply. So I used BetterNet VPN to post this.. Can someone fix this?
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