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Default TOC/Index Mixing? Is it possible?

Hi, I'm new and have a few questions regarding Word 2010.

I've been using Word for only a short while, and have at least grasped its use of styles, footnote/endnote, as well as TOC and have already implemented them in my document. However, I'm now at the point where I've exhausted my avenues of knowledgeable approaches.

I know what I want to to do, which is to create something similar to TOC, foot/end noting and Indexing, I just don't know how to go about it.

Example of a fictional document layout:
Cover Page is here.
Dedication Page is here.
TOC is here.
Chapter 01 - 56 are here.
Endnotes are here.

Now, the TOC is updated as I create Headings 1, 2 and 3 for each chapter title and its subtitles etc.

Example of a fictional chapter layout:
Heading 1 - Chapter ###: Chapter Title
Subtle Reference - Character Tags: Ch01, Ch02, Ch8.
Heading 2 - Date / Place / Subtitle

Now as it stands, the TOC picks up that Headings 1 and 2 and lists them. But I also want to create a hybrid TOC and Index referencing That will list each chapter that characters 1 through 30 are found in, with an end result like this:

Alice: Chapters - 3-5, 7, 28, 36, 42.
David: Chapters - 3-45, 50-55.
Johnny: Chapters - 1-5, 9-13, 45-56.
Sally: Chapters - 1-3, 28, 36, 42-56.
Terry: Chapters - 5-8, 25-33, 45-56.

and also a separate end result like this:

Chapter 001: Johnny, Sally.
Chapter 002: Johnny, Sally.
Chapter 003: Alice, David, Johnny.
Chapter 004: Alice, David, Johnny.
Chapter 005: Alice, David, Johnny, Terry.
Chapter 006: David, Terry.
Chapter 007: Alice, David, Terry.

Example of a desired document layout:
Cover Page is here.
Dedication Page is here.
TOC is here.
List of Characters Page is here.
List of Where Characters Appear Page is here.
Chapter 01 - 56 are here.
Endnotes are here.

I've seen similar results in story sites using Character Tags. Where, when clicked, it will list all chapters this character is in. But that's html, and blogs/wordpress, as far as I know.

Is there a way for these desired results to happen?

The best I can think of the use of a second TOC (if that's even possible!?), but call it a LOC, List of Characters. With its own dedicated page. And the second TOC will only list H1's and where the H1'd Chapter number and title, then a sub of each Character Name that has been styled with an alternate Normal. Perhaps create a style called Alt-Normal, with the exact same settings as the Normal style. Or even more basic, name the new style as Character Tag.

Is this possible? If so, please tell me how with step by steps where needed.
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