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Default Save Mailmerge split pages by unique file name

Hello -

I am running the following macro to split my mailmerge document into individual dcouments. I want to save each document with the unique merge field ("invoice"). Some older posts suggested placing the desired filename as the first line and then have the macro select that as the filename and then remove it. I tried that, but couldn't combine the two macros. Can anyone help?


Sub SplitIntoPages()
Dim docMultiple As Document
Dim docSingle As Document
Dim rngPage As Range
Dim iCurrentPage As Integer
Dim iPageCount As Integer
Dim strNewFileName As String

Application.ScreenUpdating = False 'Makes the code run faster and reduces screen _
flicker a bit.
Set docMultiple = ActiveDocument 'Work on the active document _
(the one currently containing the Selection)
Set rngPage = docMultiple.Range 'instantiate the range object
iCurrentPage = 1
'get the document's page count
iPageCount = docMultiple.Content.ComputeStatistics(wdStatisticP ages)
Do Until iCurrentPage iPageCount
If iCurrentPage = iPageCount Then
rngPage.End = ActiveDocument.Range.End 'last page (there won't be a next page)
'Find the beginning of the next page
'Must use the Selection object. The Range.Goto method will not work on a page
Selection.GoTo wdGoToPage, wdGoToAbsolute, iCurrentPage + 1
'Set the end of the range to the point between the pages
rngPage.End = Selection.Start
End If
rngPage.Copy 'copy the page into the Windows clipboard
Set docSingle = Documents.Add 'create a new document
docSingle.Range.Paste 'paste the clipboard contents to the new document
'remove any manual page break to prevent a second blank
docSingle.Range.Find.Execute Findtext:="^m", ReplaceWith:=""
'build a new sequentially-numbered file name based on the original multi-paged file name and path
strNewFileName = Replace(docMultiple.FullName, ".doc", "_" & Right$("000" & iCurrentPage, 4) & ".doc")
docSingle.SaveAs strNewFileName 'save the new single-paged document
iCurrentPage = iCurrentPage + 1 'move to the next page
docSingle.Close 'close the new document
rngPage.Collapse wdCollapseEnd 'go to the next page
Loop 'go to the top of the do loop
Application.ScreenUpdating = True 'restore the screen updating

'Destroy the objects.
Set docMultiple = Nothing
Set docSingle = Nothing
Set rngPage = Nothing
End Sub
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